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October Blog 2019 Channings Childcare

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October Blog 2019 Channings Childcare

October Blog 2019 Channings Childcare


September was very busy for everybody.

Channings Childcare celebrated being 30 years old, we had  several 30 year parties and had a great time.  Please see Facebook and the previous blog for more information.

All our children are busy settling in to the new term. We have so many new faces and it’s a pleasure to see them joining in, playing and enjoying life at Channings. So far we have had photographs taken by Tempest. We have been looking at the changing seasons, talking about leaves falling, the colours and the weather. Our pre-school children have been sent home with their bag to collect Autumn items in. If you haven’t had one yet, please ask. We have been busy building spaceships and talking about space and our planets, we have also been planning for Halloween. We’ll be changing our clocks at the end of the month and it’ll be Christmas in no time. Sorry to remind you!!    We all love it. Please see Facebook for updates and photos of what we get up to.

Meanwhile at our Channings in Middleton we are actively trying to spread the word that the nursery is now a fully-fledged Channings and we are hoping to attract more children and parents. When Catherine bought the building, it had been closed for some time. Many people are aware of the previous nursery that was there and we need to tell everyone that the old nursery is no more.  Channings Childcare are in town!!   We are having leaflets printed and delivered to make the people of Middleton and surrounding areas aware that we are here. We hope you like our leaflets.


We have some fabulous Middleton offers too. Please see our website


There have been more changes and improvements recently at Middleton and we have taken photographs to show how good it looks.  It is full of fun: it’s an educational, bright, colourful, safe, caring and nurturing place to bring your little ones. Please see more photographs on our website by clicking on the link









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