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Please see below some parents’ comments about our Nurseries:


This is a  lovely message from one of our new families at the Kingsway Nursery….

“Our baby has had an amazing first week at Channings. He loves the ladies and has big smiles and lots of laughs for them. The biggest worry as a parent is that you want someone to look after your baby like you do… and they do that 💕 we cannot thank you enough x”.    January 2021




Here are some cards  from our Chadderton Way setting.

‘To all the staff at Channings, Thankyou so much for making Caleb’s first experience of nursery so enjoyable! He will miss you all.   Love Caleb and family.’


To everyone at Channings, Werneth
You work so hard and are truly amazing. Thank you for taking good care of all of my 3 children.  Love Claire, Xander, Grayson and Aria.  August 2019

To all teachers at Channings Werneth
Thanks for all your hard work looking after Rickaya these last 5 months,  really happy she’s met new staff at this nursery. You have carried on teaching her very well, continue keeping up the hard work with the rest of the children.  Happy Mummy.   August 2019

To all teachers at Channings Werneth
Thank you so much for looking after me, teaching me and helping me out..
You’re the best teachers ever!  Love Ellie- Jade.  August 2019To the crew at Channings Werneth

Thank you for everything you have done for our Logan. You have had such an impact on him and taught him how to sustain friendships. Have a great summer.  Mr and Mrs Jones.  August 2019

My son started at Newhey (baby room) in February. I was so worried about leaving him but the staff made it so much easier than I thought it would be. He quickly settled in and all the staff went out of their way to get to know him and what he likes/dislikes. Within a week of going full time he was completely settled and happy and loves going to nursery. They do lots of different activities and little outings with the children and he is always bringing home lovely pictures that he has made at nursery. We both have already built up a great relationship with all of the staff at Channings. Thank you x    as posted on Google to our Channings page.  CS    May 2019

My daughter started Channings Newhey in January, the first week she was a bit unsettled but not long afterwards she’d settled in brilliantly thanks to the staff,  they are nice and friendly, brilliant with the kids.  My daughter has come on a lot with her speech since starting at Channings , she absolutely loves it 😊   Newhey.  April 2019

It’s the end of an era for us.  Dayle has been with Channings Royton since being 14 weeks old and the care and attention he has received from all staff present and past has been second to none – Dayle will miss the staff and his friends at Channings,  but it is with their help that he has become the fabulous, polite little boy he has become -Thank you for all your help Channings Royton x x     VB

My daughter is currently in the preschool room and the staff have done an amazing job helping her to settle in, they are friendly and approachable and always have activities set up for Niamh’s afternoon session. Thank you   AG

I currently send both of my children here, one preschool and one baby. The staff are amazing with both and great at dealing with all the needs of my children.   JB

I have just dropped Maisie off at nursery and I’m so envious of Christmas PJ day, looks like you are going to have so much fun! Maisie has had a wonderful time at nursery over the last month getting ready for Christmas and its all down to the hard work and enthusiasm of the staff. Thank you for a fantastic year! Maisie has made so much progress and we cannot thank you enough for the care, love and fun that you give her. Have a wonderful Christmas everyone and a very well deserved rest.   Much love Team Mulligan! xxx    Newhey

Hi Guys.  I just wanted to say how much Brendan is coming along since being at Newhey nursery. He started in July and attends two days a week. Since this he’s come on leaps and bounds. I know it’s not much to say but we would like to say a big thank you.   He’s also started talking asking “What’s that”, “Wants that” and “who’s that”. It’s very cute. haha.  He’s doing so well and since being at the baby room with the nursery nurses he’s doing even better. Thank you . Mr D.    Newhey

To all the staff, I want to say a big massive thank you for all the happy memories at nursery and all the things you have taught me, while I have been coming, since I was very little. Thank you so much for looking after my big brother Ashton and my big sister Rhiannon too! Goodbye and I will miss you very much, but I am looking forward to my new school. Love Alanais, Ashton, Rhiannnon and Heather.  Werneth

To all the lovely ladies at Channings. We just wanted to say a great big thank you for looking after our precious Daisy. You have taken such good care of her ever since she was a baby- I can’t quite believe it is now time to move on! She has made some amazing memories and learnt so very much and we will never forget the special year she has spent with you.
THANK YOU. Caroline, Daisy, Scott and Lola.  Rochdale

Facebook Comments

Well tomorrow is the end of an era for my little monkey, who leaves Channings in Newhey.  The staff have been wonderful and have helped my son  come on in leaps and bounds since he started 2 years ago. I can’t believe how quickly he’s progressed with the help of the girls at Channings. I would definitely recommend it there.  Thomas said he will miss you all loads xx     Posted on Facebook GF    July 2019

My son has been going here for 7 months. Staff are lovely! 100% recommended.   Posted on Facebook JJ    July 2019

Simply the best! Can’t fault them at all. Thank you so much Channings, Rochdale xxx  Posted on Facebook NI   July 2019

Today was my last day in Channings Childcare in Chadderton Way. I can’t explain how much I am grateful to all of my lovely teachers. They are so caring and loving. I am going back to Bangladesh and hopefully come back soon again in shaa allah!.I love you Channings and will always love & miss you xxx Meeaad
M Razza, Oldham

Kohl’s graduated yeah!!! Fully fledged member of society ready to see what the big world has in store for him. He’s happy healthy confident fun loving cheeky little man with the help of all the staff so many of you to mention big thanks for all you’ve done through the good times and sad times I’ve had & the support through everything like an extension of family love to you all Kayley Clayton & Kohl xxx
K Clayton, Rochdale

I picked Xander up today for the last time at Channings, Werneth. I cannot thank the staff enough for your care throughout the last three years. It has been exceptional. My little baby has grown into a fun, confident and very sociable little boy and I know you have played a huge part in making that happen. You have been flexible, helpful and amenable every time I have needed anything and I’m just so, so grateful. Both Xander and I have made friends for life through coming to Channings and I’m excited to go through it again with Grayson in the next few weeks and then my third baby next year! Thank you x
C McLaughlin, Oldham