Channings Childcare

Channings Childcare Nursery, Middleton

Channings Childcare, Middleton is the first building we have purchased which was already a nursery. It began life as a Salvation Army meeting hall before it was converted into a children’s nursery many years ago.     Catherine would pass it every day on the school run, when it was a busy, happy nursery. The nursery experienced several problems and eventually closed in 2016. A combination of nostalgia and the need for a challenge persuaded us to try to bring the nursery back to life. It as our smallest nursery and opened in April 2018.

It has been completely refurbished, we have all new staff and equipment, re decorated and is now a Channings Childcare Nursery, with the same quality and ethos you would experience at any of our other nurseries.

This nursery is all on one level and has two main playrooms, with additional smaller spaces. we fully cater for  babies, toddlers and  2 – 4 year age group.   It has a lovely outdoor space which has recently been given more loving care and now looks fabulous. Please see ‘our photos’ page for more photographs.


New Middleton Offers 

  • we have extended our 30 hours for £30 until July 17th 2020 (extended as of 10th December 2019)
  • please ring us for details on  0161 637 3363 


Click the links for the details, below are screenshots of the offers.

We do, of course,  offer the 30 FREE hours of childcare. Follow the link to find out all about what you are entitled to


Also are screenshots of the new leaflet that we have head printed and distributed,  to promote  our Middleton nursery

Thank you

Middleton offers, 30% off fees

Middleton offer 30 days for £30 



Nursery Location

The Middleton nursery is conveniently situated on the main road between Middleton and Oldham. Vale Street is just off the A669, Oldham Road. 

We have ample parking and the bus stop is just outside.

Vale Street
M24 2RJ

Telephone number: 0161 637 3363