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Frequently Asked Questions

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General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) –  Channings Childcare are committed to complying with the new  GDPR regulations 2018.  Information is available at all of our nurseries in the reception area for parents to see. Please ask the managers if you have any questions.


Location of nurseries

Children at playWhere are your nurseries?

We currently have six nurseries located around the Oldham, Royton and Rochdale areas. Our seventh nursery will open on Kingsway in  Spring 2020. Please follow the link for your preferred nursery for directions.

Channings Childcare Newhey, Railway Street, Newhey, Rochdale OL16 3RN

Channings Childcare Royton, Firbank Road, Royton, Oldham OL2 6TU

Channings Childcare Werneth, Springbank Street, Werneth, Oldham OL8 4LH

Channings Childcare Chadderton Way, Maygate, off Chadderton Way, Oldham OL9 6TR

Channings Childcare Rochdale, Whitehall Street, Lower Whitworth Road, Rochdale OL12 0LN

Channings Childcare Middleton, Vale Street, Middleton, M24  2RJ

Channings Childcare Kingsway, 75 Kingsway, Rochdale, OL16 5HN

What times are you open?

Our opening times are:

All Channings Childcare nurseries are all open 7.15am to 6.00pm

What age children do you accept?

We take children from birth through to 4+, up to children starting school.

Are you on Facebook?

Yes, please find us at

Can I come and look round?

Yes. We welcome visits from parents, family or friends to any of our nurseries. Please call the manager of your preferred nursery who will be more than happy to give you a guided tour. Alternatively, prospective parents are welcome to view our nurseries at any time; we just ask that the lunchtime period between 11.30 and 1.30 be avoided.

Is there parking?

Yes. All of our nurseries have fully accessible adjacent car parks.

Is there a ramp?

Yes. All of our nurseries are wheelchair and pram accessible. All have ramps into the buildings.

My child – What do I bring?     and other questions…

What do the babies/children do all day?

We have a wide range of facilities and activities for all groups, please click here for more specific information.

Can I stay with my child until he/she is settled in?

Yes you can.      Parents are always welcome to stay with their children during their pre-arranged visits. However we do encourage parents to try and leave their children for short periods, as we find this aids the settling in process. We do offer parents the opportunity to sit and wait in a different room if they wish to remain on the premises.

What do I need to bring for my child?

What do I need to bringWe ask that weather appropriate clothing is brought in to nursery, such as warm hats, scarves and gloves in the winter and sun hats and sun cream in the summer. Unfortunately we cannot provide sun cream for children and ask parents if they can provide us with sun cream for their child which will be labelled and stored for them.

We request that several spare changes of clothing (including spare shoes) are brought in when children are toilet training.

Children enjoy lots of messy activities during the day and we feel that it is important that all children have a change of clothes with them at nursery.

Younger children who have an afternoon nap may want to bring a comforter/blanket/dummy with them from home.

Babies will need to bring any bottles and formula with them.

Who provides nappies?

We ask parents to bring in nappies, wipes and any cream their child may require which will all be labelled and stored in individual baskets.     We do not provide nappies.

Do I need to bring my child’s own potty?

No, we provide potties which are cleaned and sanitised after use.

Do I need to bring spare clothes?

Yes please.     Spare clothes are essential for every child. We ask that all children’s belongings are brought to nursery in a pump bag. We request that several spare changes of clothing (including shoes) are brought in when children are toilet training.

Do I need to name my child’s clothes?

It is advisable that children wear inexpensive clothing which is named. Spare clothing must be kept in a pump bag.

Child HygieneHow do I know how my child is doing?

The children in our baby and toddler rooms are issued with a daily diary sheet which documents their meals, sleep times, nappies and daily activities.

Every child who attends our nurseries has a “learning journey”- parents are welcome to look at this at any time.

You are also welcome to ring nursery at any point during the day.

Will my child spend time outside in the fresh air?

Yes, whenever possible. Each of our nurseries have varied and extensive outdoor provisions and our children play outside every day. We try to go outside in all weather conditions so that children can learn and understand the weather. We have storage space for waterproof coats and wellies!

How do I register my child?

Please call the manager of your preferred nursery who will be more than happy to help you through our registration process.

A £50.00 non-returnable deposit is required to secure a place.

This does not apply to those parents who are only accessing a “free entitlement” place.

What if my child is unwell?

We ask parents to ring nursery to let us know if your child is unwell and therefore won’t be attending nursery.

If your child becomes unwell during the day, parents will be informed immediately.

Unfortunately, days of absence due to illness will still be charged at full price.

Medication, provided by parents, can be administered only if parents have signed the correct form.

Any child who is suffering from an infectious disease, unexplained rash, diarrhea or vomiting must not attend nursery.

We ask parents to sign our emergency medical treatment form which enables us to take your child to hospital in an emergency.


What do I do if I think my child may need extra help or support?

All of our Channings settings have a  SENCO representative and we have a  Senior SENCO coordinator who works across all of our settings.

SENCO stands for Special Educational Needs Coordinator, and they/we have a legal duty to follow the  SEND Code of practice.

What does the SENCO do ?

The SENCO is responsible for assessing, planning and monitoring the progress of children with special needs / SEN.

 This includes:

  • Advising and supporting colleagues
  • Ensuring parents are closely involved throughout the process and that their insights inform action taken by the setting
  • Liaising with professionals or agencies beyond the setting
  • Ensuring a smooth onward transition and planning for moving on to school for pre-school children

Any questions at all, please ask.


Who do I talk to if I have a query?

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact the manager of your nursery.  If the manager

Free places/fees

ToysHow much is it?

We charge the same at all of our nurseries. Find a breakdown of our fees.

Are you open all year?

Yes we are open all year, except for public Bank Holidays and a brief closure over the Christmas and New Year period.

We offer different types of contract- “No nonsense” for those children who attend and stick to the same sessions all the time, a “Term Time, Additional and Variable contract”, Grandma Wednesday and additional occasional offers.

No charge is made during the Christmas holiday period when Channings Childcare is closed.

No charge is made for Bank Holidays when Channings Childcare is closed.

Half fees are charged for full weeks taken as holiday, (maximum 3 weeks) taken as annual holiday, provided the correct notice has been given, (this does not apply to those children on Term Time, Additional or Variable contract) and the Holiday Contract and Booking Form has been completed.

No reduced fees for holidays are offered to children on a Term Time, Additional or Variable contract.

Do you apply a late charge?

If any child is not collected by their contracted time an additional charge of £10 per hour, or part of an hour will be charged.

If any child is not collected by 6pm, this charge will increase to £5 per ten minutes.

We do understand that emergencies arise so this is paid directly to the staff who volunteer to stay late.

We cannot admit children before our opening time, even if staff are present.

Do I get a discount if I have 2 children?

We offer a 20% discount on fees of the older child when brothers/sisters attend the nursery. This applies only if the child’s place is equal to or less than the younger and is not available to children receiving the Free entitlement grant.

Can I claim the Free Entitlement Grant for 3 and 4 year old children?

Children qualify for the term after their third birthday. We claim this on your behalf and adjust the fees accordingly. We will discuss details with you at the appropriate time.

Can I claim the Free Entitlement Grant for 2 year old children?

If your child is eligible for this grant you will be able claim from the term following their second birthday. You can check your eligibility at the local Children’s Centre.

Do you accept childcare vouchers?

We accept most of the voucher/BACS schemes used by employers /parents who are paying childcare costs before tax and NI deductions.


Food Drinks SnacksDo I bring my child’s food and snacks?

Meals and snacks are provided for children during the day.

Babies are required to bring in their own bottles/formula.

My child has an allergy, who do I tell?

Please inform the manager and the room leader of your child’s room who will make a note and inform all other members of staff. The cook will be involved to ensure appropriate meals are given to your child. Any child who has an allergy has an allergy care plan and a risk assessment.

What sort of food do you provide?

Our menu is fun, nutritional and balanced including things such as shepherd’s pie and quiche. Fruit is also provided at snack times throughout the day. Water and milk are available throughout the day.

If you have any dietary requirements, please inform the manager of the nursery who will pass this on to our catering staff. All dietary requirements will be catered for. Click here to Link to OUR FOOD.