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April 2019 Channings Childcare Blog

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Welcome to our Channings Childcare April 2019 Blog     

We have an updated Channings banner for our website and our Facebook page. It now includes all six of our current nurseries along with the Kingsway nursery which will open later this year


Our children have been having the best time at Channings.


Channings Royton have enjoyed Crazy Hair Day; this was in aid of CrackerJacks Children’s Trust. We had lots of wacky hairstyles and the children enjoyed creating some crazy hair pictures. Thank you to everybody who got involved and helped to raise money.

We have been busy with so many Spring and Easter activities. We’ve had a huge variety of Easter crafts across all our nurseries, the edible Easter chocolate cakes were very popular indeed!  We have been bird watching too. The children were telling me how many birds they had counted in the garden last week. We are lucky to have nurseries near to wildlife for the children to learn about.  As a contrast, our children always love playing dinosaurs.  We have such a lovely colourful selection of all sized dinosaurs. We have endless fun with role play.


All nurseries have been looking after caterpillars and hopefully helping them mature into butterflies. The children have loved watching the little hairy caterpillars thrive, they became pupa and now we have butterflies. All very exciting.  Our butterfly “houses” are being watched with great eagerness.


  • We have our annual Fees update. These are on the website, please follow the link from the fees page.
  • We have great special offers at Channings Middleton for babies. The link is on the website and the details are on Facebook too
  • We are currently recruiting at Channings, we are very busy indeed. We are looking for Level 3 childcare qualified staff. If you know anyone who would be interested and suitable, please ask them to send a CV to Thank you



Our focus nursery today is Channings Chadderton Way

When we opened Chadderton Way in 2015, we referred to it as our new ‘state of the art’ nursery. The building had been used as a Gospel Mission and was originally built in 1966. It has been extensively re-modelled to transform it into a large, welcoming children’s nursery. The sight of the entire wooden roof structure being driven down the road on its way to us is etched in our memory forever!

The nursery has undergone further transformation in 2019, a wall  has been added downstairs and the layout re-designed and improved. We have just opened up the first floor room to accommodate all your lovely children. We have been buying more exciting resources for the new areas. It looks lovely and the children and staff are enjoying the extra space and the new equipment.

There is a lovely decked area for the younger children at the back of the building and the front of the nursery offers so many different areas.    The children have access to dozens of activities: they love the outdoor water play, the garden area, the reading area, the climbing area, the little open summerhouse. And more.

Laura is the manager at Chadderton Way, she previously managed Middleton.

If you are not familiar with this nursery, it is situated on the main arterial route from the motorway network into Oldham.  It is very convenient for parents living in areas covered by the M60 and M62 and of course, local residents.   We are on the doorstep for the Royal Oldham Hospital, Tesco, Audi and Vauxhall dealerships and B&Q.   Many people know us for being opposite Aldi and B&M.

You are welcome to look around anytime, at Chadderton Way or any of our nurseries, just try to avoid our lunchtime if possible. All phone numbers for all our nurseries are on the website, for you to ask any questions or to make an appointment to look around.

Thank you


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