Channings Childcare

Channings Childcare Nursery, Chadderton Way

When we opened Chadderton Way in 2015, we referred to it as our new ‘state of the art’ nursery. The building had been used as a Gospel Mission and was originally built in 1966. It has been extensively re-modelled to transform it into a large, welcoming children’s nursery. The sight of the entire wooden roof structure being driven down the road on its way to us is etched in our memory forever!  The nursery has undergone further transformation in 2019.

Nursery Location

Chadderton Way is the main arterial route from the motorway network into Oldham and as a result, parents living in areas covered by the M60 and M62 will find us very convenient. We are on the doorstep for the Royal Oldham Hospital and the various large companies nearby.   Pentagon Vauxhall,  Oldham Audi  and  B&Q are just down the road.

Maygate, off Chadderton Way

Telephone number: 0161 478 6868